Life Lessons Through Laundry

This weekend, as I looked at the four loads of laundry lying on my bedroom floor, I had an epiphany about how laundry is a lot like life. Here's how...
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I live alone. Well, actually, if you read my last article, you know that I live with two cats who are currently trying to figure out how to get along. But I'm the only one in the house who wears clothes, which is why I am baffled by the fact that I do laundry like it's my part-time job.

I wonder if the cats are wearing my clothes when I'm at work! I feel like I am constantly doing laundry; lots of it.

I don't think I change my sheets and towels more than the average person. I don't wear layers upon layers of clothes. I mean, I do change my underwear every day; but isn't that what you're supposed to do?

This weekend, as I looked at the four loads of laundry lying on my bedroom floor, I had an epiphany about how laundry is a lot like life.

Bras -- Bras are like your friends. They are supportive, they hold you up, they stay close to your heart, and they serve as the foundation for everything else that follows. Bras are there for you when you need them, but just like people in your life, sometimes it feels good to take them off and let them go.

Underwear -- Underwear are like your family. They cover your ass, sit with you during times of joy and pain, go with you almost everywhere you go, and are something you need almost every day. They are reliable and dependable and also serve as a good base. They can sometimes be annoying, but you really couldn't imagine going through a day without them.

Socks -- Socks are like relationships. Most of the time, socks are worried about getting separated from their mate, they are always looking for a match, and they spend a lot of time tumbling through the dryer (life) in their quest to come out unscathed on the other side. Socks long to be part of a duo. And, like some people, they feel useless when they become solo, always searching for a way to partner back up.

Coats -- Coats are like the protective shield you wear out in public. It's the thing you put on before you go out in the world and face the elements. Your coat can shield you from rain, snow, wind, or mean people. It can also hide the things you don't want the world to see; clothing that you aren't comfortable in, those few extra pounds, etc.

Pants -- Pants are like the socially acceptable part of you, the work you, the part that has to be all about business. Let's face it: It wouldn't work out well for you to be walking around without them on. Pants are what you put on when you're moving through the world. They cover some of the most intimate parts of you. Without them, you can't go very far out there in the world.

Pajamas -- Pajamas are like a hug. They cover you, swaddle you, and can make you feel warm and cozy. They can show whatever side of yourself that you choose. From the sexy side that comes from racy lingerie, to the fun side that comes from the flannels with the ducks on them, to the cozy side that comes out when you sport a pair of jammies with the built in feet.

What does your laundry say about your life? When I look through my wardrobe I see more than just the clothes that cover my body. I see the story of my life. The dress I wore in my friend's wedding, the suit I wore when I landed my job, the scarf my friend gave me for Christmas; each piece tells a story.

It's the story of my life, the fabric of my life, told through the pieces I choose. Think it about it next time you sort your life through your laundry. What do your pieces say about you?