Life Lessons with Dude That’s Not What I Meant

Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg
Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg

Every week -- heck, every day -- someone somewhere is complaining that something they said was “taken out of context.” It can be politicians caught in a scandal or your cousin who continually posts relationship advice but hasn’t been in a healthy relationship since, well, never. Here are four life lessons from the Dude That's Not What I Meant podcast.

Employee of the Month

In episode 59 (17:00) the team weighs the pros and cons of being a top performing employee.

Rodescu: Adrienne don’t even have a job.

Adrienne: My job is to be me and I am doing it to the best of my abilities.

Ty: And you see nobody wants you to do more of it.

No one really wants to live this life where friends are this brutally honest about what we contribute to society. But on this matter of knowing when to clock out and when to give more, I’m #TeamTy. All we really need to do is complete our work and clock out. Going the extra mile gonna require extra mile dollars.

Self-grooming Tips

In episode 16 (17:00) they discuss skin bleaching and clarify which grooming trends fall in self-care and self-hate category. The discussion gets deep when they contemplate why no-job-holding-babies enjoy wet wipes but grown adults pulling 8-hour shifts are limited to dry, 1-ply toilet paper.

Listen, if you ain’t on your bidet-level you need to subscribe to #TeamAdrienne know the real, real.

Dating and Sexting

If you’re about that ‘getting people to admit to dumb-ish’ life you, my friend, are squarely in the #TeamRodescu camp. It’s a scuzzy job, but someone has to do it.

In episode 48 (35:00) the crew discuss best practices for sending nudes and how to be a “virgin who specialized in sexting.” You would think naming your show “Dudes That’s Not What I Meant” would encourage the hosts to be more mindful of what they say AND how they try to explain themselves out of questionable situations but, bruh! You know what, I ain’t even mad because this one hour of hilarious attempts of trying to extract foots out of mouths is the highlight of my lunch breaks. Better you than me, dude. Better you than me!

Incognito and Social Media

Is yo’ mamma all in your feed? In episode 22 (16:00) Rodescu and Adrienne share how they handle their nosy moms who try to micromanage their statuses. Honestly, if we couldn’t find the balls to tell our moms to their faces that we’re not adding them, then we deserve every call, text, DM, and email chastising us about our online activities. The status might not have been what we meant but it’s what we said. So, now we have to live with the consequences.

If you’re trying to dodge your coworker, Comedian Jillian Ebanks (episode 39) knows just how to keep coworkers from finding and friending you online.

In times like these, the team behind the Dude That’s Not What I Meant podcast is here to provide clarification to misconstrued events in pop culture, politics, sports, and just about anything that come across their timeline. The podcast makes no claims to be accurate or attempt to clear any names or reputations really; they are capital F ‘fake news’ and know it. The show’s hosts, Rodescu Hopkins, Adrienne Brandyburg, and Ty Riggs are all part of Chicago’s new generation of multi-talented comedians.

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