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Change Your Shoes and Leap Into It 'All!'

With each human thought and action, we either activate or deactivate our higher being. The more our thoughts and actions are in line with our most passionate and purposeful vision for our lives, the more we activate our higher being, and the faster we manifest the "all" in our lives.
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Are you giving a lot and getting a lot out of life, but feeling that you are missing balance, well-being, and authentic happiness? Do you feel success on the outside, but crave a more fulfilling inner success?

Or, have you given up on "having it all," believing it is unrealistic, unreasonable, selfish and perhaps even more overwhelming than "all" that is happening in your life now? Have you settled for success in all the wrong places?

After living through a childhood filled with sexual abuse, attempts to end my life, and then turning to the corporate world to gain a sense of worth and accomplishment, I didn't believe that "something more" existed. I certainly couldn't contemplate what having it "all" would look like.

When I literally changed my corporate high heels to hiking boots at the age of 30, left my job, sold up everything, and bought a plane ticket to distant places, I was taking a leap of faith that there was "something more." There was nothing to lose, except a familiar and comfortable life that was keeping me unfulfilled and lifeless.

What I would come to find, was that the universe had been waiting for me to take a leap of faith before it was willing to show me "something more." What I have come to know, is that the "universe"-- call that your higher power, God, soul, spirit, source -- is waiting for each of us to take a leap of faith into a life filled with all we desire.

The reality is that we can each be all we desire. We can each have "all" that will make our lives fulfilled and our being complete. That is exactly why we are here. We have come from a higher source -- a source of perfection and abundance. As such, we are each the essence of that higher source. We are perfection. We are abundance. Our journey is to connect with that higher source and manifest that perfection and abundance in our lives to become our greatest being in this lifetime.

There is no need to compromise. Yet, our greatest challenge is to "change our shoes" and venture within and outside ourselves to determine all that we most passionately and purposefully desire. Only then will we have the lasting fuel and fire to chase our "all," while maintaining balance, well-being, and authentic happiness.

Michelangelo said, "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." We each have an angel within our marble, waiting for us to carve into our magnificence. We can each create masterpieces of our relationships, work, health, wealth, personal development and contribution to the world.

But how do we bring the wisdom from the past and our higher being into our lives today in simple and practical ways?

First, we must change our thoughts of who we are meant to be in this lifetime. We must first believe that we are meant to have it "all." We must appreciate ourselves as higher beings of perfection and abundance waiting to be activated by our human thoughts and actions. The French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, famously expressed, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

With each human thought and action, we either activate or deactivate our higher being. The more our thoughts and actions are in line with our most passionate and purposeful vision for our lives, the more we activate our higher being, and the faster we manifest the "all" in our lives.

Second, once we shift our thinking, we can act inspired by our higher self. We can draw upon our higher wisdom to bring abundance and authentic happiness into our human lives for our individual benefit and our global benefit, realizing the two are interdependent.

We can do this by "pausing," stepping outside the busyness of our every day lives, and "changing our shoes" to see our life, our being, and our future from a different perspective.

Here are five steps to "change your shoes" and leap into it "all."

Start by taking time today to answer these questions based on all that you most deeply desire. Give yourself the gift of just 30 minutes, take yourself to a quiet space, play some relaxing music, and allow your answers to come to you. Keep taking that time each day until you feel clarity, and have identified the next steps you need to take. Remember, you do work for so many people throughout each day -- take this time to do some work for you.

  1. Redefine and reconnect with the vision, passions and purpose for your life and believe it is meant to be. Consider those things that most inspire and move you. What gives you goosebumps? If tomorrow were a blank canvas, how would you paint your life?

  • "Change your shoes," and step into shoes that will move you toward all you desire in each area of your life. Guided by your life vision, consider all you desire in each area of your life: relationships, work, health, wealth, personal development and contribution to the world. Don't hold yourself back from your greatest desires. Write at least two greatest desires for each area of your life. Then identify the "shoes" you need to bring into your life to move you toward each of your desires. What do you need to bring into your life to step forward?
  • "Change your shoes" and leave behind the shoes that slow you down and keep you stuck. Identify the things in each area of your life that keep you stuck. They may be things around you -- people, activities, the "roles" you play. They may be things within you -- fears, insecurities, past experiences. Write at least two things keeping you stuck in each area of your life. The more honest and vulnerable you can allow yourself to be with yourself, the greater will be your revelations as to what you need to leave behind.
  • Make commitments to your "first next steps" on your path to it "all." Based on those things that you need to bring into your life, and those that you need to leave behind on the path to your vision, identify one step you can take today in each area of your life. Create a to-do list of simple things you can do today to move just one step closer to all you desire. Commit yourself to the action you want to take in each area of your life today. Create small and simple steps that you can accomplish today, and build on those each day.
  • Create daily habits that will keep you focused on your path. It takes 30 days to create a new habit, so identify those next steps that you know will make the greatest difference in each area of your life. Identify a daily habit you can create for each of those steps, and start with three to five each day for your first month. Then move on to your next, and then your next, until you have established daily habits that are moving you toward your most purposeful and passionate vision for your life, step by step, day by day.
  • With each day of your belief, commitment and action for "all" you desire, you will feel your passion, purpose, health, and well-being rising. You will feel on a path to your "all," and in your most authentic state of success and happiness.

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