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365 Invocations to Create an Extraordinary Life, Week 10

This is the light of creation and you are one with it. You are a co-creator of all of the beauty, kindness, innocence, creativity, joy, abundance, peace in your inner world and outer world.
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So, how are you feeling about your connection to the universe? Has your mind quieted down enough for you to begin to remember your true home... for you to discover the light that shimmers in every cell of your being? Well then, let me help you if I can with this gentle guided visualization. I suggest you read it through several times and then go off on your own journey.

Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Let the sounds around you relax you even deeper. Begin to envision a light so soft, so innocent, so loving streaming through you, a light that begins at the source of all life and flows through all living things... and now you are feeling it moving through you.

Feel the light coming right down through the top of your head and feel your brain cells drinking in that kindness, that sweet feminine energy. Feel it move through your skull and down into your shoulders releasing all burden, then down into your spine and back releasing all stress and anxiety.

Next notice the warm light coming down into your face and drifting through your eyes releasing all sadness so that your eyes become soft and peaceful. Then the light flows down into your cheeks and jaw melting away all tightness and down into your lips and throat. Look down into your throat and notice a waterfall of light. See yourself standing under the waterfall as it bathes away all disappointment, all illusion, all upset.

Watch as this sacred softness moves down into your lungs releasing all sorrow and into your heart. Notice as your heart opens slowly like a rosebud meeting the sun.

Then the light moves down into all of your organs releasing all anger, all worry, all depression, all resentment and bitterness, all fear... Down, down, down the light moves into your legs, all the way down and out the soles of your feet.

It then moves down into your shoulders dissolving all suffering, and moves into your arms and out the palms of your hands. Skin, muscle, blood and bone! Watch the light traveling through cleaning, clearing, releasing...

Now your body is an ocean of universal healing light. Look down into the light. Watch as every cell drifts into the light. Notice how it feels to be loved so deeply, so innocently with no goal, no agenda, with no need of giving something back in return.

This is the light of creation and you are one with it. You are a co-creator of all of the beauty, kindness, innocence, creativity, joy, abundance, peace in your inner world and outer world.

Breathe in the light and continue to feel the power of the creating universe dwelling within you. Relax. You don't have a care in the world. Then when you are ready, knowing you are creating with the source that breathes through you, take in these new invocations again and again and call them into being.

1. The universe and I are one.
2. Nothing can separate me from the universal healing light. We are one.
3. Every moment I am co-creating with the Universe.
4. As I become universal light, I am flowing beauty, abundance, creativity, kindness and peace.
5. When my mind is still I feel my eternal self.
6. I am letting go with fearful thoughts with every breath.
7. Breathing in I feel the light. Breathing out, I am the light.

I hope you enjoy this guided meditation and use it to remind yourself of your sanctuary in the world. I will be in Maui next week and will send you invocations wrapped in turquoise light. Until then, be well and 10,000 blessings to you from all directions!

Carol Simone, simply known as Simone, is a spiritual catalyst in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the author of The Goddess of 5th Avenue, Being Quan Yin, Becoming the Energy of Love and Compassion, The Kiss of the Shaman and others. You can write to her at

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