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Life On Fire

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Life on Fire
Ever have a shift in your life? Ever hear a call from within that cannot be ignored?
Well, that happened to me last week.
My passion just walked right up and slapped me in the face.
It stopped me on my supposed journey.
Then in a more gentle tone, it said
"this way my dear."
It took my hand and led me back here, to You.

To "The Huffington Post". Where I am blessed to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and my perceived expertise with You. Hi, friends.

I want to use the gift of this platform, to help you find Your passion. I want to turn the light on for you, to be able see the True/ Authentic you. The Powerful you. The Purpose Fulfilled you.
I want to continue to share the tools that I used to go from "living a nightmare to living the life of my dreams".
Does that sound good?

It's my passion.
It's my service to the world.

So today, I want to share with you the most potent tool I used to change my life. READING. But not just any books, personal development books.
I spent hundreds of dollars on books and maxed out my library card. I also listened to thousands of hours of Personal Development leaders on Youtube. See, I couldn't afford to go to the big name conferences, even though I so desperately wanted to.

But I had to change or die in my mess.

You know that feeling?
I had to do whatever it took. But first, I needed to know How to change my life. What were the steps? What were the tools?

I recently read the book called "Ignite your Life" featuring Thelma Sample and Brian Tracy and other Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals.
Specifically, the featured Chapter called "Champions never Quit"
This chapter was a great starter kit toward a journey in personal development. It is 7 pages. You could even tear it out and carry it in your pocket. Thelma Sample gives you the step by step, blow by blow, how to begin to get your life on the right track.

Thelma Sample wastes no time at all, she says in 7 pages what it takes others 300-400 pages to communicate. She is clear in the title "Champions Never Quit." At first glance, you think maybe she is going to talk about a Sports Star or somebody like that. No, this guy is just like me and you.
Thelma is sure about her conclusion that "champions never quit" with an exclamation mark. I was like "ok" go on....
She brings real life applications of the basic principles of Personal Development, right to your front door.
Thelma tells a story of a man named Dominique, who has drug and alcohol addictions and who takes up residency in prison several times. There, he is introduced to and uses these very principles to alter his whole being, almost like a rebirth.
But before you can think to yourself, as a personal development junkie like me, that recognize all of these ( goal setting, motivation, mindset, etc), you start to flip the book over a couple of times and become a little frantic. Why frantic you ask? Because you are like wait a minute, is this woman telling my story!! These are the core tools you utilized to begin to change your own life. You think to yourself, am I really a "champion?" I was just trying not to kill myself and this is what worked for me. You recognize the death, that she says Dominique died. No, that's not a spoiler alert, lol, he doesn't die. But he does transform into a new spiritual being.
But Thelma rips you right out of your own head. You start to hear gentle reminders that this is a daily journey, not a one-time fix. She draws on the Tony Robbins concepts of daily conditioning. And Zig Ziglar's call for daily motivation.
She completes the story of Dominique and gets right back to you as an individual, as a person on a journey, as a "champion".
The next thing Thelma does absolutely blows my mind! She writes a 7 step Plan right in the middle of the book! She calls it "the 7 step Road Map". You sit up in your chair and pay close attention because you want to make sure you don't miss anything.
The lady takes on her own voice and becomes a complete boss. She gives you a 'tip" and "Implementation" to apply the principle immediately!!! What? Thelma is not playing!! You are going to change your life, right now!
She gets leverage on you (hell, if you're in prison, rather mind or body, how much more proof do you need that your life is in the toilet)? You Must change. But then she gives you a few tools to literally rewrite the neurons in your brain. One of my favorite lines is "but each morning he studied his written blueprint." Just WOW!!! I love it.
That is exactly what she offers you, a blueprint. No matter where you fall on the totem pole, at the beginning of your journey, knowing you need to make a change, but don't know how. The middle, learning the personal development tools. Or you may be in the maintenance phase of your journey. You've learned all the principles, but you understand that it is a journey, not a destination. And you hear her nudging you to 'never quit, keep going, it's a daily rebirth, never stop practicing your daily rituals'.
You and everyone you knows needs to read this whole book. You ask who is the audience is for this book?, I state boldly, that it is for EVERYONE. Your brother who can't seem to get his life together. To your pastor, who just needs encouragement that he is a 'champion and to never quit. Never give up on his dreams. To the millionaire: 'Don't forget to do your daily habits and review your "written blueprint" every day'.

I take writer liberties, haha, and I deem Thelma Sample, an Expert in the Personal Development field.
Thelma earns her right to be co- author with the International guru Brian Tracy of "Eat the Frog".
After reading this book, you will stand up and welcome her into the National Academy of Best Selling Authors, just as they will do in September, of this year. Congratulations Thelma Sample, you deserve it!!!
I will end this book recommendation with her final quote. Go out and get the book Ignite Your Life. Your literal life will be better for it. Pick up a copy for anybody, and they will be transformed to their personal next dimension.

Without further due:

"Dear mind: 'You were determined, a mission deemed impossible, fear cheated me, the unknown robbed me, addictions were hostile, I died to me, thought about quitting, that's Easy, looked back for a minute, long pause...was I interested? Or fully committed?' "
~ Champion by Thelma Sample

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Do you have any books that you would like to recommend for this audience? Leave them in the comments and I will try to review them as well.

Take care. And remember you are a "Champion".

Dream Queen
Brandy Bonner

In disclosure, although it did not affect my review of this book, I did receive a nominal fee for reviewing this book.