Your Life Is a Puzzle

Consider for a moment that your life is a puzzle. It may be a simple puzzle with a hundred different pieces, or it may be a more complicated thousand-
piece puzzle with a picture that's rather tricky to put together. Either way, as you work through this puzzle of life, you're more than likely going to try forcing some wrong pieces into the empty spaces. They look like they should fit, but as you continue on, it becomes clearer to you that they're just not meant to line up that way. So what do you have to do? Well, break it apart, of course, and reassemble those pieces the right way.

Now take a look at your life. Maybe you think it's going along smoothly. Your family looks happy. Your job seems to be progressing just fine. Then one day, you find out you've been let go from your position at work and the boss you thought was your friend, who you relied upon to help further your career, has betrayed you. You're blindsided by this situation. Everything you thought was perfect completely collapses. Or maybe your wedding is just around the corner -- invitations sent, flowers ordered, family excited -- and your fiancé calls it off. You beat yourself up about it thinking, "How could I have made such a terrible mistake?"

My answer to you is this: Your puzzle was put together the wrong way. However, the wrong way is often the right track. It's actually wonderful to be "wrong" once in a while. It may hurt quite a bit, but it's always to your advantage when the truth is unveiled. Being shown that type of information is priceless. There may just be a few puzzle pieces that need rearranging or it may be an entire section. But whatever the size of the challenge, mistakes are gifts. The reason being wrong is so right is that wrong allows change to come in, and change is the fuel that we burn to grow and evolve.

Never be afraid to trust someone, open your own business or fall in love. You might just be "wonderfully wrong," and if you are, welcome the opportunity to break apart those pieces of your puzzle, change their direction and put them back in a new way. Because when you do, you'll realize that you're now one step closer to seeing the whole picture and having all the pieces connect at exactly the perfect points.

Build your life just as you would a puzzle. Piece by piece. Section by section. You may get bored at times, or frustrated, or feel as though you'd rather give up. What you must do, however, is know that the pieces are all there, and the more ways you try to place them where they belong, the more connections you discover. Soon you begin to visualize and discern images as they come together to form the overall vision of your life.

Do you have a vision? What does your puzzle look like? Is it falling into place, or are you forcing the pieces to fit where they don't belong? If it's the latter, keep trying... the answers are all inside of you. And at this very moment, a surprisingly stunning picture is revealing itself to you one "gift" at a time.