'Life With Derek' Trends As Fans Say The Disney Show Hinted At Incest

More than 10 years after the Disney Channel sitcom went off the air, Twitter chatter speculated about sexual tension between step-siblings Derek and Casey.

In case you were wondering why a Disney Channel show that’s been off the air for more than a decade is trending on social media, it’s because of ― incest.

Chatter for days has been bubbling up on Twitter about the show, “Life With Derek,” a Canadian sitcom that also aired on Disney Channel from 2005 to 2009. 

Derek was the teenage son of George who married Nora, the mother of teenage daughter Casey. When the two families merged, chaos ensued as Casey and Derek rivaled for control of their new household.

While the show mostly followed the various hijinks Derek and Casey would get into at school or with friends, there seemed to be a lot of flirtation between them. In fact, their interactions caused them to be widely shipped by fans, even though a sexual relationship between step-siblings might be considered by some to be, you know, incest.

The duo never got physical on the show, but fans in 2020 insist there was definitely tension.

Here’s some of the chatter:

Notably, the actors who played Derek and Casey, and the show’s creator Daphne Ballon, reportedly are totally cool with people thinking that the step-siblings should get it on.

Michael Seater, who played Derek, told MTV News in 2016 that he didn’t see anything wrong with his character being romantically linked to Casey, who was played by Ashley Leggat, and that they should’ve ended up together. 

Leggat echoed those thoughts, calling a relationship between the two “a natural progression.”

As for creator Ballon, she apparently told a fan on Tumblr in 2011 that she understands the desire for Derek and Casey, aka “Dasey” to be together. She never expressed whether that was her intention all along.