Life With Marilyn: Inside My Relationship with an Eternal Icon

Life With Marilyn: Inside My Relationship with an Eternal Icon
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On August 5th, 1962, Marilyn Monroe’s illustrious life came to an end. 55 years later, the world is still captivated by the mysterious circumstances of her death—myself included. In light of the anniversary of her passing, I’ve decided to launch an independent investigation into what really happened that fateful night she allegedly overdosed on barbiturates.

But first, let’s rewind. My story with Marilyn Monroe started lifetimes ago. I’ll try to make this article as easy to understand, since very few people can relate to my unconventional situation.

Throughout my career, I’ve written about my first encounter with Marilyn, which occurred when I was an infant. The image is still so vivid in my mind—she leaned over my crib, stroked my cheek and gushed that I was the cutest baby she’d ever seen. Given that I was born in Norway in 1988, most people wonder how Marilyn could’ve possibly interacted with me. Well, here’s the thing... I was born a psychic medium, so I’m able to see and communicate with spirits that are no longer in their physical bodies. Many are unable to grasp this concept, including my parents—that was, until I pointed Marilyn out on TV at the age of six. You can read more about that here.

On that note, I always knew I’d be a writer one day. From the very beginning, Marilyn was my muse. My grandfather was so proud and encouraged me to write about someone else to broaden my horizons in the hopes that I’d become a biographer. I obliged and began to write about Marie Curie. Let’s just say I got as far as half a page before I threw it out! Frankly, writing about other historical figures didn’t interest me one bit. My fascination with Marilyn just continued to flourish. I was deeply curious about her life and had a thirst to learn more. You can only imagine my excitement when the Internet came around; the ease of looking her up was addictive! I’d print picture after picture until my dad finally put his foot down. My habit had become very expensive.

Since then, I’ve dedicated my time to researching Marilyn and have accumulated a large collection of articles and books. My obsession really kicked in when I came across the theory she had been murdered, and the world was led to believe otherwise. I knew I couldn’t sit still... I had to find out what really happened.

Truthfully, this isn’t just a matter of satisfying my curiosity; it also goes hand in hand with my heart. The connection Marilyn and I share has always carried so much meaning and I want to give back to the woman who has been by my side for all these years. It also occurred to me that if I’d spark a movement and rally the public, we could collectively seek closure for Marilyn. She has become such an integral symbol of American history and contributed so much to society through her talent, iconic beauty and fashion.

Hours upon hours have been spent carefully studying Marilyn’s final year, months and days. I’ve had countless meditations during which I’ve spoken to her directly and noted every single detail I could get. After what seems to be a lifetime of studying, I’m moving forward with my goal to uncover this historic mystery and you can be part of it. I’m so pleased to introduce my upcoming investigation, which will be chronicled in a documentary, The Secret Death of Marilyn Monroe.

Here’s what you need to know about her final days:

  • Marilyn allegedly had affairs with both Robert and President John F. Kennedy, which ended badly. She felt objectified and grew tired of being tossed around back and forth like a football.
  • During the affairs, the attorney general and president supposedly shared top secret information with Marilyn, which she threatened to publicize if they didn’t treat her right.
  • She noted everything in her red Smythson diary, last seen in the coroner's office after her death. It had gone missing and was crossed out from their inventory as if it never existed.
  • It has been said that Marilyn was a national threat because of the information she possessed. She wanted to expose the Kennedy brothers, who were left with no choice but to “shut her up once and for all”, according to John F. Kennedy’s brother-in-law, Peter Lawford.
  • Allegedly, her house was bugged and Fred Otash, a notorious private detective, confessed he had tapes from the night she was murdered—and that he listened to her die.
  • 52 minutes into the hit Netflix show, Unacknowledged, Dr. Steven M. Greer showed a document supposedly dated just days before Marilyn died, calling it a virtual death warrant. He added that the government knew Marilyn didn’t die of an accidental overdose; she just knew too much.
  • Marilyn was the happiest she had ever been at the time of her death.

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