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9 Life Hacks That Came Straight From A Lazy Boyfriend (PHOTOS)

We've seen so many "life-changing lifehacks" that we think in the Impact font. While some hacks have been debunked or best left to the internet, some just seem straight from someone's lazy boyfriend. The kind of guy that eats Bachelor Chow straight from a can. Or would, if we existed in the Futurama universe.

Because it's easier than buying new flip-flops for $2?
via ViralNova
First came Doritos taco shells. Now there's Doritos kindling.
via ViralNova
"I am so glad I kept this empty CD spindle from 2002 safe!"
via ViralNova
Better get that Papa John's pizza home before the garlic sauce congeals.
via ViralNova
The only utensils you need in life are forks and pint glasses.
via ViralNova
Now you know why there is a Velcro patch on the coffee table.
via ViralNova
Or you could just repair your pants.
via ViralNova
"Why does it smell like old shoes in here?"
via ViralNova
One day, you'll open the door to a wasteland of frozen forgotten beers.
via ViralNova

h/t to ViralNova for rounding up a buffet of wisdom

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