17 Lifehacks From HuffPost Editors To Help You Save Time And Beat Stress

Here at the Huffington Post, we're on a mission to redefine success. But in our own work lives, we still struggle just as much as anyone else to unplug and recharge, maximize our productivity and creative thinking, and build lives with healthy work-life integration.

Our Lifestyle editors recently put their heads together to share their favorite workday lifehacks. These little tips and tricks make our workdays easier -- and we hope you will find them helpful in your own daily life.

  1. Use Boomerang -- a Gmail plug that allows you to delay sending emails -- and schedules messages to go out on Monday morning to avoid bothering people over the weekend.

  • Make a point of reading words on actual paper -- not just screens.
  • Schedule activities in the evening so that you're forced to leave the office at a reasonable hour.
  • Keep work email off of your phone so that you won't be tempted to check it during off-hours.
  • Sit down and enjoy breakfast and conversation with your family or roommate before you head into work -- and make time to leave the office for lunch with a co-worker.
  • Bike to and from the office (except after happy hour!) to fit some exercise and outside time into your day.
  • Leave the office and treat yourself to an afternoon ice cream date during the work day.
  • Try actually talking to other members of your team during the day, instead of just emailing or Gchatting.
  • Get up early and head to the gym before coming into the office.
  • Try these two apps to boost productivity: Freedom, an Internet-blocking productivity software for Windows and Mac computers, allows you to disable Internet when you needs to focus on a task, while Pocket can help you save articles to read later.
  • Schedule a phone-free date night with your significant other once a week.
  • Use a flash blocker to keep an old laptop running more smoothly and prevent crashes.
  • Create a small garden and tend to it before coming to work in the morning, "because studies show that dirt and air and green things are good for you."
  • Go for runs outside and cook meals to remind yourself that you can do things away from a computer.
  • Try two Chrome extensions to stay focused during the work day: Nanny her away from addictive sites like Facebook, and Controlled Multi-Tab Browsing keeps her from having too many tabs open at once.
  • Arrive at the office early and get as much work done as you can while it’s quiet.
  • Pack your lunch and organize your bag at night to save time in the morning.
  • What are your favorite lifehacks? Share them in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostWomen.



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