Lifelike Cat Purses Are A Dream Come True Or Your Worst Nightmare

It depends on how you feel about cats.

Cats are mysterious, polarizing creatures. Some people want nothing to do with them, while others would choose to be surrounded by cats all the time.

For the latter, that's one step closer to reality: A Japanese artist who goes by the name Pico has created a line of terrifyingly cute and lifelike cat purses that can go with you anywhere. Made with faux fur and airbrushed to give each feline its own unique color, the purses have taken on a life of their own on social media.

The attention has been both positive and negative. New York magazine wondered what "monsters" would wear these bags, while The Gloss deemed the cat purses just "purrrrfect."

Pico, who has sold the bags on Yahoo! Auctions in Japan for upwards of $600 USD, wrote on her blog that such reactions are exactly what she aims to achieve: "I work hard every day to make cats that look so real that people would say "Whoa!," she said, according to a Huffington Post translation.

Pico states on Twitter that the bags are not for sale outside of Japan at the moment. May we suggest making some new friends in Japan, or planning a trip ASAP?

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