The Laundry List: What To Read, Relive And Love This Weekend

Lifestyle links to catch up on during the dryer cycle.

Friday is finally upon us. Get ready for your weekend with our handy list of everything you need to know, read, watch, and possibly bookmark.

Then go reclaim your weekend -- unplug, decompress and renew. We've got you.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Figure out your decision making style, and everything else will fall into place -- or at least make more sense. According to Science Of Us, "Knowing How You Decide Is As Important As The Decision." Word.

GET INSPIRED: Glamour celebrated its Women Of The Year Awards this week. Amy Schumer hosted the event, many women attended, some were honored, like Reese Witherspoon, Caitlyn Jenner and Misty Copeland. Check out these 12 knowledge bombs dropped by this year's honorees and guests.

READ: "Living And Dying On Airbnb" by Zak Stone is the long read of the weekend. It's a harrowing account and incredibly sad, but definitely worth it.

GET DOWN WITH: Missy Elliott's WTF (Where They From) ft. Pharrell Williams. Now this is what we call a comeback.

GIVE: The season of gift-giving is upon us. We've got gift ideas for virtually everyone, but let us single out Momfuku's Grand Slam gift pack, which includes everything from a compost cookie mix to Lucky Peach's new cookbook. Your food-loving friends (or everyone you know) will thank you.

PREPARE YOURSELF: Whether you're ready or not, the holidays are coming. Gear up for the season of parties, gift-giving and general festivities, and start with this delightful guide on "how to set boundaries during the holidays."

Stay grounded with Ethan Hawke's book, "Rules For A Knight," which came out this week. In The New Yorker's interview with the actor/writer, Hawke explains how the concept for the book evolved over about 10 years (cue the "Boyhood" soundtrack) and includes not just personal "rules" of the Hawke family, but also golden nuggets from the likes of "other knights," such as Emily Dickinson, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Mother Teresa.

PENCIL IT IN: Seriously. Get on board the adult coloring book train, because it's an amazing way to unwind. Need convincing? Just try to resist purchasing a coloring book for yourself after reading this this confession, "I Use Adult Coloring Books And I'm Not Ashamed To Say It."

SALIVATE OVER: And now that you've worked on taking care of yourself, give yourself a treat and check out this POV video of a pizza being made. Just be ready for the pizza attack that will follow immediately upon the video's conclusion.

DRINK TO: Wash your pizza down with a big glass of wine, because your hangover days may be numbered. Munchies reported this week that "A Scientific Breakthrough Could Make Your Wine into Hangover-Free Magic." We'll definitely drink to that.

WATCH: Finally, if you do one thing this weekend, watch "Master of None" on Netflix. (And if you've already watched it, there's no harm in giving it another go.) Aziz Ansari's new show "hilariously captures the immigrant narrative." Ansari is predictably amazing, and Vulture points out that "On Master of None, the Kids Are All Right, But the Parents Are Better." Enjoy!

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