Lifetime Movie Proves Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Review: Who Is Clark Rockefeller?

Don't believe truth is stranger than fiction? Just watch the new "Lifetime" original movie Who Is Clark Rockefeller? and you will. This film, which is based on a true story, stars Eric McCormack and Sherry Stringfield as Clark and Sandra, a married couple who have one child and eventually get divorced. The reason for the divorce is that Sandra (Stringfield) doesn't have a clue as to who Clark really is.

Clark Rockefeller is living a lie and is a con artist of the nth degree. He plays his role(s) completely and dupes smart, educated people who should be able to see through him. Sandra Boss is an educated woman who falls for his stories and for him hook, line and sinker. She honestly believes that he is one of those "Rockefellers" and that because he comes from a wealthy, prestigious family he is entitled to be a little different.

Her gullibility costs her a fortune. He stays at home with t heir child and she earns the living for the family. She even stays in the city during the week and comes home on weekends so that she can earn more money and keep him in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed. While she is doing it, it all seems so logical.

McCormack is fairly solid as the chameleon like Clark. It isn't an amazing acting job but it does serve the purpose of the story. Stringfield out acts him as the gullible but intelligent Sandra. She plays her role with such confidence and involvement you can almost accept Sandra's gullibility.

The story is so strange and so unbelievable that were it not true you would never believe any part of it. Clark changes identities like ties on a suit. When one wears out or is not appropriate he just brings in another and manages to get the next group of people to accept his new persona without a glitch.

One of the flaws of the story is the lack of change in Clark's appearance. The story unfolds over a thirty year period but Clark's looks stay basically the same. Now either one of his personalities is that of Dorian Gray or he should have aged a good bit in this time frame.

Another bump is the lack of explanation as to how he managed to operate without a driver's license, or a social security number, or any references. He had an excuse as to why he didn't have any of these but did everybody just accept his word on these matters? Wouldn't the IRS or somebody in the government have tracked him down?

The fun of watching a show like this is getting a chance to see just how crazy our world can be. Clark Rockefeller broke all the rules but managed to pull it off for years and years and years. You've got to admire him a little for that record. Except then you learn he might also have committed some murders and that brings everything back into the serious realm.

For a look at a story that is way out of the ordinary tune into Lifetime on Saturday, March 13 at 9PM (EST) for Who Is Clark Rockefeller? You will learn quickly that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Jackie K. Cooper -