The First Ever Nun Reality Show Is Coming To Lifetime

It used to be nun-ya business, but Lifetime is about to change all that.

The cable network has announced that it is moving forward with "The Sisterhood," a reality show following five women living in a Catholic convent as they decide if nun-hood is for them.

"The Sisterhood" comes from the producers of "Breaking Amish" and will be the first show ever to take an inside look at the secretive convent society, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Previously, our best knowledge of convents came from Whoopi Goldberg and her "Sister Act" movies, which would have us believe that all nuns are murder witnesses who eventually lead inner city choir groups to all-state championships (kind of like "Pitch Perfect" but with more aca-abstinence). And though that is probably true for some, it may surprise you to learn that's not necessarily the case for every nun.

This series will follow the women as they take vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, leaving modern life behind with nothing but God's love in their hearts and a giant camera crew following their every move.

The convent and location have not been finalized; however, with this being the first time a reality show is allowed to film behind these Catholic doors, we're sure Lifetime would agree that any convent is better than nun.

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