Men's Brands With Lifetime Warranties That Will Outfit You From Head To Toe

They only get better with age.
02/29/2016 04:27pm ET

What is a lifetime, anyway?

When a brand says its product is protected by a lifetime warranty, it's not really talking about your lifetime. Sorry. Rather, they mean the lifetime of the product (whatever that might be). Normal wear and tear? Generally not covered. But if your Canada Goose jacket falls apart, or in the case of Bogs footwear, your boots just don't feel good anymore, the odds are great that if you send it in or take it back to the shop they'll take good care of you.

For some, it's a marketing strategy but for others, such as L.L. Bean, it's "the very foundation of this brand.”

Here is a list of brands that offer either a no-strings-attached lifetime warranty, or one of those more mysterious "Limited Lifetime" deals.

Any way you spin it, this is the gear that will stick with you for a long, long time.