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What You Need To Know Before The 2014 Light Bulb Ban Goes Into Effect (VIDEO)

Come January 1, you're going to be looking at your home in a whole new light according to a new government initiative designed to make homes more energy efficient.

After almost 140 years, traditional 40 and 60 watt incandescent light bulbs will no longer be available per a government law passed in 2007, which ruled they don't meet efficiency regulations. That means the bulbs will no longer be manufactured or imported once the law goes into effect at the top of the year and that you're going to have to look to some alternatives down the light bulb aisle.

The most popular alternative is the compact florescent lights or CFL, known for their long life and high efficiency ratings, but their aesthetic quality and links to cancer have diminished their popularity.

Those in favor of the ban point out how much consumers can save with the more efficient bulbs. As CNN notes, the high efficiency incandescents cost about $1.50 each, compared to 50 cents or so for the old version. But the new ones last twice as long, and use 28 percent less power, they add.

Check out some other alternatives and more info on the looming light bulb ban in the video above.

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