Light-Up Jellyfish Take Over Aquarium! (VIDEO)

A recent installation at the Vancouver Aquarium from Tangible Intervention and artist Joseph Wu brings the wildlife outside of their constructed habitats. The artists built an incredible display containing 94 colorful jellyfish. Wu brought his origami skills to the table, creating the form for the aquatic creatures while Tangible Intervention brought their signature blend of mesmerizing light show and interactivity.

The installation, titled "Jelly Swarm," outfits each jellyfish with an LED light module. Visitors to the aquarium are then able to control the color and patterns of the jellyfish using a special touch-screen controller. What's even more impressive, if the jellyfish are left unattended they will collaborate with neighboring jellyfish to create randomly-generated patterns.

When asked why it was important for the work to be interactive, Alex Belm, Tangible Intervention's Creative Director said, "Allowing a participant to influence a piece creates a magical moment-we often see it in the person's face-and that's really satisfying for us, and hopefully them too." Be sure to read the whole interview over at The Creators Project.