Light Wakeboarding: Photographer Patrick Rochon And Snap! Capture Moving LEDs On Water (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

By now you've probably seen Picasso paint with light, but have you ever seen someone wakeboard with light?

Photographer and self-described "light painting master" Patrick Rochon spearheaded this unusual merger of art and sport along with Snap!, an Orlando-based photography nonprofit. Pro wakeboarders Mike Dowdy, Adam Errington and Dallas Friday did tricks with colorful LEDs attached to their boards at night while Rochon snapped the stunning results from the shore.

Chris Evans of Snap! photography explained the origins of the collaboration in a phone conversation with the Huffington Post:

The idea behind the concept was a combining a series of light painters with a series of athletes to capture the creativity and emotion behind these sports. What we really wanted was a collaboration between artists and athletes.

Yet Rochon's devotion to the craft of light art, which he has been exploring since 1992, extends far past this particular competition. His website boldly explains: "I have reasons to believe that our bodies emits light and that we've been, in a subtle way, light painting all along."

Watch the incredible image of light soaring over water in the video above and check out Rochon's stunning documentation of the event in the slideshow below.

Light Wakeboarding
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