We've Seen The Lighting Of The Future -- And It's Blowing Our Minds

If the big switch from incandescent bulbs to CFLs has changed the way you see things, then you're definitely going to want to brace yourself for what's coming up next.

The future of lighting is here, folks, and this is what it looks like:

It's responsive to our moods.

Created by tech startup Stack Lighting, this bulb, known as Alba, will brighten or dim based on your presence (i.e. when you enter and leave a room), and as natural light changes throughout the day.

It's gravity-defying.

So it doesn't technically float in midair, but this fixture by Design House Stockholm does appear to do the impossible with its ingenious architectural structure.

defies gravity

It's bioluminescent.

That's right. Lights aren't just connected to your smartphone anymore, they're connected to nature. And this zero-electricity Ambio lamp, which was designed by Teresa van Dongen and powered by octopus bacteria, is a prime example.

It's out-of-this-world.

The abstract, geodesic form of the Asteroid Floor Lamp by Innermost feels like something you'd find in homes 20 years from now (or at least homes on another planet).

out of this world

It's as smart as the sun.

If you thought your dimmer switch was cool, the smart light bulb called the Drift by Saffron is here to put it to shame. It has a self-dimming feature that mimics the setting sun to lull you to sleep naturally.

It's cubed.

In some cases, the lighting of the future doesn't think outside the box, it works within it. Take the Cuboluce Bedside Lamp, for example, which is here to remind us that rounded fixtures are so last year.

cubed lighting

It's voice-controlled.

No Wi-Fi or clap-on system needed here! The Vocca can be activated with just a few commands from your mouth to the bulb with optional customization.

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