Lighting up the city, blasting off Christmas

You have got to see it: Gdansk enchants with spectacular Christmas illuminations - better than a year ago.

The holiday lights were very much awaited, as evidenced by crowds on the streets and a traffic jams on routes leading to the historical centre. It was Christmas illumination blast off, on Saturday, December 2, that made Gdansk inhabitants leave their homes in big numbers. Our city not only looks beautiful, but also feels the festive atmosphere. It is even more spectacular than a year ago. Be sure to see it.

Saint Nicholas' Day was especially festive in Gdansk this year. Good old Saint Nick, known as a bringer of gifts, has many young worshippers in our fair city.

Crowds of children with parents awaited him in Długi Targ Street, as usual. And, traditionally, welcoming him in the city was a good occasion for the formal and official illumination of the Gdansk Christmas tree.

Saint Nick arrived by boat. On the Motlawa River, the youngest citizens of Gdansk were waiting for him in excitement. At that time, on the stage at Długi Targ, under the unlit Christmas tree, groups from the Youth Cultural Centre staged a holiday show. Procession of stilt walkers, drummers, elves and animals heralded that St. Nicholas was slowly approaching the Christmas tree. The atmosphere on the Royal Road burst with childhood dreams.

"Have you been polite?", "Did you clean your shoes for tomorrow morning for the presents?" – asked the celebrated guest from the stage. The children shouted loudly: "YES". And then came a loud countdown of the gathered and the lights flashed on the famous Gdansk Christmas tree.

There was no end of the fireworks and cheering long into the night. Welcome to a beautiful, festive and bright Gdansk.

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