Lightness of Being
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It is the season of lights. It's that time of year when homes and cities all around the world are lit up in the spirit of Christmas. Trees and shops are adorned with all sorts of lights and there is something to be said for how much brighter our environment is. However, there is a light that shines so magnificently that we forget it exists. That is the light within us.

Each one of us is born with that light. We are the light at our core that's our essence. Our light is always there, and it's available to us to access at any time. What covers up that light is all the fears, negative thoughts and past baggage. Our energy becomes dense and heavy as we walk around carrying the weight of the world.

We have convinced ourselves that this is who we are and we are meant to live in this way. This is not the case. The truth is we need to let go of everything that is weighing us down, holding us back and limiting us in life.

It is our birthright to feel true joy and a lightness of being. When we let go of who we think we are based on the ego keeping us captive, with its insistence that we are our thoughts, fears, personalities and dramas, we give space in the present time to find out who we really are. Who you are is a radiant soul that has come here, in this time and space, to shine your light and share your gifts with the world.

The world, more than ever before, needs you to shine your light on the darkness that surrounds us. We hear of acts of violence and cruelty against mankind on a daily basis. This was the recent case close to home, in the Australian city of Sydney, where a gunman held innocent hostages in a well-known cafe for about 17 hours, then as part of a police shootout, the gunman was shot dead, but so were two of the innocent hostages.

The city fell into darkness at this horrific event, but what came out of it was the most heartfelt collective of people, coming together to show their respect and love for the victims and their families. The light that emanated from the hearts of the people who were touched deeply is something that Sydney, and Australia, has never seen before.

We are in need of healing within ourselves and our world around us. The rise of consciousness is asking us to seek the truth, which life is not about suffering and victimhood but rather rising above the events that have caused us pain and heartbreak, learning the lessons, turning the darkness into light and healing ourselves.

Why are we so resistant to seek out our light, to open our hearts, to be our authentic selves. As Marianne Williamson said, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us." Have we become so accustomed to believing that it's not safe to shine our light and show our greatness? Have we bought into the idea that we have to walk around in life suppressing who we really are just in case we upset others and appear arrogant?

What is so arrogant about connecting to spirit and allowing our true essence, our radiant light, to shine through and impact others? As children we are full of light and love only to have our spirits squashed somewhere along the journey.

Playing small, or as I often refer to it as "diminishing our light," is not serving us and it is not serving humanity. Every time we don't show up in our best light self, every time we allow fear to highjack love and every time we buy into the insecure thoughts and beliefs we have of ourselves, it is one time too many. Life is seeking in us to express our light and it has the means to support us in healing ourselves, as well as living in joy and peace.

So how do we heal ourselves and free ourselves from the thoughts, fears and negative beliefs that are weighing us down and keeping us in the dark? It is with the light that healing can occur. The light is not only inside of us, it is everywhere in the universe. The light emanates from the universe and from all living things. If you are seeking harmony and healing, working with the light will transform your life.

I am not referring to some wishful thinking but rather true transformational healing with light. The light is a gift from spirit, which is inside of us, as well as part of the universal soul. You can today, bring more light to your body, your mind and to any situation in your life that requires healing.

All you have to do is visualize yourself, or the situation that requires healing, to be surrounded with light. Just for a few minutes close your eyes and imagine the light surrounding you with love. Feel the negative energy washed away as the light uplifts you deep down. Imagine the light healing an illness where it is revitalizing and energizing you down to a cellular level.

You can take it further and imagine the light loving and transforming someone you love, or a situation that requires healing. In fact you can use the power of light for anything that requires healing. Any negative thoughts, beliefs and fears that are in our mind can be corrected and healed using the light. Allow them to be washed away and in place allow for positivity, creativity and joy to take their rightful place.

Allow yourself the gift of joy and peace and lightness, of being by illuminating everything that does not feel good, and does nothing to support you to be free to be you and shine your unique light. Let us give ourselves permission to shine our light and radiance; by doing that we allow others to shine their light. All the Christmas lights in the world could not compare with the light that is within each of us.

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