Lightning Zaps Airplane Wing Tip In Terrifying Video

The bolt blasted a passenger aircraft as it was about to land.

Nervous fliers, look away.

A terrifying video posted online shows lightning striking the tip of a passenger airplane's wing.

The electrostatic discharge zapped the Etihad Airways Boeing 777 as it approached to land at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport in France on Wednesday.

Mesmerizing footage shows how the bolt then spiraled out into the clouds, just as if Harry Potter had cast a spell high in the sky.

Mitchell and Amie Stewart caught the spectacular moment on camera while onboard Flight 37 from Abu Dhabi International Airport, and it's going viral.

"The plane went on to make a safe landing in Paris shortly after," they wrote in the clip's YouTube description.

Lightning struck a Delta Boeing 737 before takeoff at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in August 2015. 

Last month, two men in Australia had an extremely close call when a lightning bolt struck water just yards from where they were standing. 

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