Lightning Bolt Strikes Water Just Yards From Men, Who Promptly Freak Out

"That was a shocking experience."

Two men in Australia had a terrifyingly close call when a lightning bolt struck the water just yards from where they were standing.

Video posted online showed Nick Panayiotou and Daniel Dudman watching a storm roll in from a boathouse in Sydney's Oyster Bay on Saturday.

One of the friends urged the other not to go outside. A frightening roar of thunder was then quickly followed by a bolt zapping the water.

"Oh my God!" they both repeatedly scream before the clip cut out.

The pals told 7 News they'd only just decided not to take their boat back out when the lightning struck.

"That was a shocking experience, I tell you what," said Panayiotou.

"There was a lot of static, a charge in the air. We were meters away from it and we felt it hit. We could have been struck," Dudman added.

Had the lightning bolt hit them directly, they "wouldn't be here today."

Sydney was battered by storms over the weekend which left 70,000 residents without power, according to ABC News.

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