Lightning Kills More Men Than Women

Lightning Kills More Men Than Women

These statistics on deaths caused by lightning just might shock you -- particularly if you're a male.

Men are more likely to be struck by lightning, the data shows. reports that lightning strikes killed 648 people in the U.S. between 1995 and 2008 -- 82 percent were male.

"Men take more risks in lightning storms," John Jensenius, a National Weather Service lightning expert, said in a release. "Men are less willing to give up what they're doing just because of a little inclement weather and will continue to engage in pastimes that make them vulnerable, such as fishing, camping and golfing."

In fact, sports and recreational activities are involved in nearly half of all lightning-related deaths, according to Popular Science.

The Sun Sentinel notes that Florida has more thunderstorms and lightning than anywhere else in the country.

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