Lightning Time-Lapse Video Filmed In Washington State Is Incredibly Mesmerizing

WATCH: Lightning Storms Can Be Mesmerizing

You probably don't want to stand outside during a lightning storm. But if you want to catch the spectacular show, leaving a camera outside is the way to go.

Skunk Bay Weather does just that. In a lightning time-lapse video, the Vimeo user illustrates the stunning side of the storm that rolled through the northwest region Thursday, striking Washington with a barrage of lightning.

Based in Hansville, Wash., the videographer operates a weather camera that films everything from thunderstorms to sunrise, then edits down the footage. With the camera pointed toward Whidbey Island, the time-lapse footage shows the bolts of lightning as they strike over Mutiny Bay and Double Bluff.

The end result is mesmerizing.

Watch the lightning time-lapse video above, and click over to Skunk Bay Weather's Vimeo page to see other stunning weather footage.

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