Lights, Camera, Action! Why Video Is Your Best Marketing Tool in 2015

What do YouTube, Snap Chat, Instagram, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Veoh, and Vine all have in common? All of these platforms have maximized the use of video to capture massive worldwide audiences. As we've witnessed the success of websites such as YouTube, online marketing and technology are converging in a way that make video files a must-have on every website and platform.

In fact, research increasingly suggests that consumers are more likely to view video than any other resource online. Considering this fact, if you have never thought about posting videos on your website and/or social media platforms, here are 10 key reasons why you should be using video...very frequently:

1. SEO Makes a Huge Difference
Many video searches are conducted on Google and other search engines when a user may be looking to review or "check-out" a product or service before they actually purchase. As your website maybe SEO optimized, this gives your videos an advantage within the search results.

2. Searching YouTube for Ideas
Did you know that more than 700 million unique users search YouTube monthly? Placing a properly optimized video on YouTube, along with placing it on your website; will expose your business to many more perspective consumers who may be interested in purchasing your product or service.

3. Attracting Social Shares From Around the Globe and Back Again
People just love to share videos. When your social shares increase, so does your brand awareness. In turn, this will increase the traffic through your website.

4. Social Communities Built From the Ground Up
Having video is a fantastic way to get consumers thinking about you, and talking about your product or service. This also is a great way to get prospective consumers to talk to you as well. Through the images, the feelings and rewards become wrapped into your video clips; you have everyone's attention.

5. Show Them Who You Are
Video allows prospective consumers to see who they are buying products and services from. In turn, this brings prospects a step closer to being your customer, as well as bringing your occasional customers a step closer to becoming lifelong customers, and so on.

6. Appeal to the Emotions
When a perspective consumer sees all text on your website it creates a feeling of being distant and detached. Adding video makes your website more intimate giving your present consumers, as well as prospective consumers, a connected feeling. We all like those warm fuzzy feelings, why not share the love with customers?

7. Explanations That are Just a Bit Easier to Understand
Many people have short term interest when it comes to complicated issues. Adding video when a complicated issue arises will convey the message, quickly and clearly. This will enhance your consumers understanding of your distinctive value, rather than going to a different source for explanation.

8. New Product...Instructions Please!
They purchased your product, but how do they use it? Having a series of well thought-out small instructional videos is a fantastic way to get prospective consumers to consider you as a go-to source within your area of knowledge. So show them what they are missing out on! While writing about that new product or service may be great; it may not be as persuasive as showing your consumers exactly what the product or service is, what it offers, and how it functions.

9. Dress to Impress and Show Off Your Pretty Face
New prospective consumers will take notice when you have taken the time to put a video on your website. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Blow them away, they are your customers...your #1 priority.

10. Customers Hate Reading? No Problem!
Many prospective consumers as well as current consumers are visual learners. Moreover, many people do not like to read or just don't want to stare at their computer screens for very long. If your website relies on primarily text, you are ignoring a major segment of potential consumers.

Now that we have covered ten primary reasons why you should incorporate video into your website and social media platforms.....let's get ready....Light, Camera, Action! Create your first or next video that is aimed to Impress, Inspire, and Capture all those potential customers that are in the market for your product or service.