Lights Go on Part XXXII: Music and Me

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This has been a long relationship,

Music & Me --





Music was all around me growing up --

Mom sang in choir at church, and I remember the passion of their voices moving me long before I understood what they were singing about.

Dad, who had played trumpet and cello in the motion picture studios, played in our living room for his own relaxation.

One day, I became mesmerized, standing in our foyer, as Dad played "Meditation from Thais" on his trumpet in our living room. He was unaware that I was watching and listening.

This is one of my earliest memories and I feel now what I felt then as I was transformed into another realm.

The room, our furnishings, the fire in our fireplace, virtually all that surrounded Dad, faded into a fog as he came into such keen focus that my eyes could feel him.

His eyes were closed, as if lost in the dream himself, and when he opened them slightly to take a breath, I saw rapture. Then, as if by magic, it was transmitted to me.

This was the moment that was to change my young life forever.

I am feeling the wonder of this now as I write to you, underscored by "Meditation" itself, playing in the background.

It was in this instant that I discovered how deeply music could soothe, touch and thrill me , deep into the roots of my soul.

It's magic has continued to caress me since then.

Forever postmarked.


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