Lights Go on Part XXXV -- For Mom

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it's always been easier to describe my relationship with my dad

man to man

even when i was a child

my mother was more complicated

beautifully so

i had to discover her

my dad would answer questions

my mom would welcome my attention

a man and a woman

even then

mom always said

when you notice something special

about someone

tell them

even if they're a stranger

it'll make their day

putting her advice to use

has brought about

some of the most memorable moments in my life

when I became interested in girls

mom's advice was as creamy as her voice

girls like it when

you open the door for them

you seat them first

you stand when they stand

but most of all when

you're present

you listen

you're a safe place

thank you mom

i am grateful for you

you always told the best jokes too

click here
and I'll tell
one of
Mom's jokes


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