Lights Go on Part XXXVII: Waltz of the Flowers

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I stopped by my favorite flower shop on the Upper East Side the other day.

I wanted to bring flowers to a consultant who has served me well for the past year or so.

She is moving on to another place and I felt the desire to let her know that she was special to me

and I was comfortable that this florist would create an artful arrangement

that would deliver the perfect sentiment.

I explained to him that although she is a consultant,

she is also more than that,

in an indefinable way.

Spiros got it.

He immediately began gathering roses and greens

and other beautiful budding things that I can't pronounce

and suddenly I became enthralled watching this man dancing around his shop

creating his art before my eyes,

all the time carrying on a conversation with me about Greece.

"Hey Spiro, I just noticed the difference between you and me.

The Waltz of the Flowers

I'm watching you create a perfectly appropriate work of art for a dear one

and I just realized that no one can watch me create,

even if we're in the same room."

Then I began to think of those who create art in the moment

and their audience of one or thousands can experience it

as it is coming to life.

And I'm thinking visually here...

A make up artist,

A hair dresser.

Even some visual artists,

like Jackson Pollack,

would paint before an audience .

The point was driven home.

I create in a solitary place.

My offerings must be read or heard and experienced

after the fact through an additional medium,

as you are doing right now as you read or listen.

I love these moments when a special light

creates an awareness

that wasn't there a moment ago.

Don't you?

Thank you Spiros.

As I am creating this in a room alone, The Waltz of the Flowers

I am thinking of your dance around your shop,

collecting your media and creating your art before my eyes.

The Waltz of the Flowers.

How do you feel right now?

If this piece has brightened you, perhaps you'll share it with someone who is dear to you.

So until next week,
Love to all

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