'Like A Girl' Super Bowl Ad Champions Female Empowerment On Football's Biggest Stage

This 'Like A Girl' Ad Is Breaking New Ground During The Super Bowl

A viral cry for empowerment is about to ring out during the Super Bowl.

Feminine hygiene brand Always' "Like A Girl" campaign began as a social experiment to destroy the negative connotation of the phrase "like a girl." It launched in June, drawing millions to a video that showed adult women and males reacting meekly when asked to run, throw or fight "like a girl." But young girls, not conditioned to the dismissive "like a girl" label, demonstrated with athletic vigor.

A study done for the campaign indicated that girls' confidence drops around puberty, which may account for how different age groups responded to "like a girl."

Now a pared-down version of the footage is set to air during the big game on Sunday. Always believes it is the first time a feminine care brand has advertised during the Super Bowl, a rep told The Huffington Post.

"When people watch the video, we know it changes their perception of the phrase ‘like a girl’ – and it makes a difference for girls’ confidence,” Fama Francisco, vice president of Global Always said in a statement. “We feel so strongly about this, that we’re now taking this message to a bigger stage, the Super Bowl, so even more people can join us to champion girls’ confidence and change the meaning of ‘like a girl’ from an insult into something positive and amazing.”

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