Like a Rolling Stone

During the 1980's there were two things I was completely obsessed with:

1. Writing in my "Hello Kitty Friendly Diary" and,

2. Mick Jagger.

I was introduced to The Rolling Stones at a young age by my Uncle Bob -- he had a record collection I could flip through for hours. Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Cars, David Bowie, all sorts of great stuff.

But it was albums like Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers and Tattoo You that I kept coming back to. I could listen to them, read the liner notes and stare at the album art forever. That was a lot of rock and roll for a ten-year-old girl.

And I liked it, liked it, yes I did -- and Mick was my man.

Throughout my pre-teendom I spent most of my days walking around in a serious Mick Jagger fog. I daydreamed about him constantly, in class, at mass, at summer camp and at dinner.

There was a middle school dance where a video for the Stones' song "Hang Fire" came on and I made such a scene, it was talked about for a while afterward, and not in a good way. Jumping, screaming, almost crying, kissing the giant video screen -- it was not my finest moment.

And neither was this...

Below are two separate diary entries from 1983. Each is chock full of mystery, a rock star, suspense, an attempted killing, Guardian Angels and some very, very bad information:



Now you may be saying to yourself, I don't recall this ever happening, and you're absolutely right.

As far as I'm aware there was no "attempted killing" Mick. And let me make it clear that I have no beef with the Guardian Angels organization. I'm sure they feel pretty bad knowing how upset I was with them back in '83.

Note that it took me a full TWO MONTHS to "recover" -- the first entry is from March and the next time I was strong enough to pick up a pen wasn't until May.

That time was spent sitting, sweating, crying and praying all while continuing to be angry with the Guardian Angels.

I don't spend quite as much time worrying about Mick Jagger's well-being today. But I do still and always will continue to have a crush on him. I mean, like my diary says, "He's the cutest man around!"

And I will continue to dance like a fool when "Start Me Up," "Sympathy for the Devil" and especially, "Hang Fire" come on.


Lori's son Sam's interpretation of "Hang Fire" is featured on their website, Drawn to the 80s where her 5 year old draws the hits of the 1980's. You can read more about Lori's Mick/food/cosmetics/music obsessions on her blog, Once Upon a Product.