Instagram-Like Apps: 9 Alternative Camera Apps For iPhone And Android With Hip Photo Filters

After Facebook announced plans to acquire Instagram for a cool $1 billion, many users of the photo-filtering app and social network for iPhone and Android subsequently announced that they would delete Instagram from their phones -- they didn't want the privacy concerns that come with Facebook, for one, and now that Instagram had a corporate overlord it was totally uncool. ("Instagram is over!" you could almost hear them shout, as they whizzed by on their fixed-gear bikes).

If you're leaving Instagram, where do you turn? We've collected nine great photography apps for iPhone and Android here, all of them connected by their ability to add filters to pictures, either during or after the shot. Some of them, like Hipster, Tadaa, EyeEm, and Picplz, come with burgeoning photo-sharing networks built in; others, like Camera Awesome, Pixlr-o-Matic, and Camera+ simply offer powerful, advanced editing suites so that you can augment your photos any way you see fit. We've included photos of the apps in action (WARNING: I got a haircut at some point in between using all of these apps) so that you can better visualize the filter process on each app.

Most of these Instagram alternatives are free, so don't be shy: Give 'em a shot! Check out what these non-one-billion-dollar camera apps have to offer (below), then take a look at some more great photography apps available for free on the iPhone (here).

Filters: Instagram Alternatives For iPhone