Like Mazes? Play here!

We all like the adventure movies, where the main characters such as Indiano Jones or Allan Quatermain fall into the trap of ancient (or not) mazes. And only their quick wit, savvy and decisiveness helped to to get out of a scrape.

Do you want to feel at the site of adventurer? Do you like to pass the mazes? Then quickly start the game!

You are in the darkness in maze and you need to find way out. Make your way through the dark using your flashlight.

You have a flashlight and you can by moving the mouse to lighten the maze and to decide which way to move and to reach the exit in the shortest route.

Use WASD to move
W - up
A - left
В - right
S - down

You have a minute of battery power for each level. (No battery power, = Game Over) After you get to the exit you get a minute more of battery power. Any time you don't use, gets carried over to the next level. Your battery power will also be your score at the end. More battery power at end = better score. WASD = move Mouse = flashlight