Like Napoleon at Elba, Wolfowitz Finds Contentment at AEI

Paul Wolfowitz, former Deputy Secretary of Defense and former President of the World Bank, has been named Visiting Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. But while AEI is known as a hub for hawkish neoconservatives--including Richard Perle, David Frum, and Michael Ledeen--Wolfowitz will not be working on any more foreign wars, according to AEI President Chris DeMuth. Instead, as the July 2 press release informs us, Wolfowitz will "work on entrepreneurship and development issues, Africa, and public-private partnerships." All of which makes perfect sense: Wolfowitz, the release reminds us, "became known for his advocacy of reform and political openness"; it further notes "his interest in development issues, which dates back to his doctoral dissertation on water desalination in the Middle East."

In other news, Napoleon announced that he was perfectly content to remain at Elba, denying rumors that he would attempt a comeback in France. Also, the Kaiser Wilhelm II reiterated his long-held opposition to plunging Germany into a two-front war. And finally, President Lyndon Johnson forcefully declared, "We are not about to send American boys 10,000 miles away to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves."