Likely Pulitzer Finalists Leaked...

Likely Pulitzer Finalists Leaked...

With leaks pouring in, all confirmed by two or more sources, E&P presents below a list of alleged/likely finalists for this year's Pulitzer prizes in journalism. Those apparently doing very well with multiple nods include The Washington Post, The New York Times, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Times-Picayune of New Orleans, and Los Angeles Times.

For the past several years, E&P has managed in March to publish first a purported list of finalists for Pulitzer prizes in the newspaper field, shortly after the judges have decided. As everyone knows, the actual list is never revealed until the day the winners and finalists are announced in April. One reason: The Pulitzer board can, and often, does move finalists from one category to another, and can even insert a new candidate.

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