#Likely2016Headlines Predicts Next Year's News

2015 certainly saw its fair share of attention-grabbing headlines. From "What Color Is This Dress?" to The New York Daily News dropping its sarcasmic "Everything Is AWESOME!" front page, I learned a lot about what makes a headline clickable. And as news becomes more and more digitized, it's clear that connecting with folks online will play a huge part in getting the scoop before anyone else.

But what will be the big stories of 2016? Twitter users think they know. #Likely2016Headlines began trending on Twitter late Wednesday night, and continues to predict what news may come.

My quick analysis reveals that Kim Kardashian will still hold the pop culture crown, while politics get even crazier as the race to the White House rages on. Here are some of the cleverly-summarized stories we may be so lucky to read about next year: