Lil B’s Very Real Curse On James Harden Is Back

The Houston Rockets' season is probably doomed.
Tim Mosenfelder via Getty Images

Some people just never learn.

After being cursed by Lil B in May for stealing his "cooking" dance, one would expect that Houston Rockets guard James Harden wouldn't test the Based God again. Well, Harden did in an Instagram post on Thursday and Lil B is coming out with a vengeance, telling TMZ, "The Curse is officially back active."

Oh no. Was this Instagram worth the return of the curse?

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No way it was. And anyway, Harden can't chef like Lil B.

Harden Cooking
Harden Cooking

Why won't he just learn his lesson? This cooking move is Lil B's domain. He does it best, after all.

Lil B

When Lil B cursed Harden in May, the Rockets superstar saw his team flame out of the playoffs to the eventual champion Golden State Warriors, with Harden committing an NBA-record 12 turnovers in the decisive matchup.

Now the Rockets guard has a curse on him before the season even starts. Tread carefully, James Harden.

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