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Lil Bub, Perma-Kitten, Gives EXCLUSIVE Interview About Tard The Grumpy Cat (VIDEO)

Lil Bub, the adorable perma-kitten who took the Internet by storm this fall, had sharp words for Tard the grumpy cat, whose video has gone -- some say -- even more viral than Bub's.

In an exclusive interview with HuffPost Weird News (video above), Lil Bub was asked how he felt about Tard's YouTube fame.

Lil Bub simply turned his head and appeared to say, "Meow."

Bub's owner, 32-year-old Mike Bridavsky of Indiana, quickly blocked the kitten from launching into a diatribe, offering a "no comment" on behalf of his kitteh.

But Bridavsky went on a Tard-rade of his own, saying that he doesn't appreciate the cat's name, which has been criticized as offensive.

"And they used the lame excuse that he was named after tartar sauce, but that's spelled t-a-r-t-a-r," Bridavsky told HuffPost Weird News.

Plus, he said, Tard is too grumpy to have long-lasting fame.

"Bub's always happy!" he said.

Meanwhile, VICE is working on a documentary of Lil Bub's exploits, called "Lil Bub & Friendz."

It's an important venture into documentary filmmaking, producer Juliette Eisner told The Huffington Post earlier:

"The film will focus on the ever-growing obsession with cats on the Internet, through the experience of the [Internet Cat Video Festival] with Lil Bub as the 'protagonist' of sorts. It will also feature a number of various cat video directors and other individuals who continue to feed the Internet-cat-fire every single day on the web."

Lil Bub & Friendz Documentary Poster!

Lil Bub

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