Lil Bub Interview With Comedian Grace Helbig Will Make Your Week (VIDEO)

Playing the role of a superstar diva cat perfectly, the newly minted movie star Lil Bub is showing the world who's boss in a new interview with DailyGrace.

Stunning the Internet with her on-screen poise, the awkwardly adorable perma-kitten -- the eponymous star of the new Vice documentary "Lil Bub & Friendz," which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last week -- was cool as a cucumber during the interview, even as she was grilled with an onslaught of challenging questions by host Grace Helbig.

"Lil Bub, how was this film conceptualized?" the comedian asked the celebrated kitteh of the new documentary, to which Lil Bub merely breathed heavily in indifference. (The famous feline has a "uniquely shaped nose that makes amazing noises sometimes," according to her website.)

However, despite her seemingly cavalier nonchalance, Lil Bub continues to win hearts with her alluring on-screen charm.

"[B]est interview of all time. OF. ALL. TIME," wrote YouTube user "FantasmaJestera" on Thursday after watching the video.

"This was so adorable, I had to punch through a window to balance out the universe," reasoned YouTuber "TimeWillDestroyYou."

Even Helbig, though stumped by the diva cat's stubborn silence, had to concur:

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