This Is What Happens When Lil Bub And Steve Albini Team Up To Tape TV Show (PHOTO, VIDEO)

LOOK: Lil Bub And Steve Albini Are Totally Pals

Looks like everyone's favorite dwarf kitten has a new pal: legendary Chicago recording engineer Steve Albini:

Lil' Bub apparently tapped "the sensitive side of Steve" during the recent taping for episode 3 of "Lil' Bub's Big Show," which airs Thursday. Lil' Bub returns to Chicago next week for the screening of "Lil' Bub & Friendz: The Movie," a benefit for Chicago's Treehouse Humane Society.

You can check out a teaser (embedded) in which the noted food blogger talks about a "typical Friday night" -- and food, we presume -- in the hilariously, heavily bleeped segment.

Episode 3 of "Lil' Bub's Big Show airs Thursday Oct. 3 on Discovery's new online digital animal network The Animalist, or Lil' Bub's YouTube channel.

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