Literally, We Can't Believe A Song This Offensive Exists In 2014


Here is a new official music video from Playz-N-Skillz featuring Redfoo, Lil Jon and Enertia McFly that is basically the plot of a re-occurring nightmare about rape culture. It stars a crew of women, the "#LIC sorority sisters," who are coded as a mix of "stuck up" and "asking for it" (the official uniform for which is apparently a tennis skirt, pearls and a crop top, in case you need an ironic Halloween costume for next year).

"Literally, I can't," they say (literally a lot of times), before being ambushed by a horde of drunk, manic frat boy characters who invade their personal space and physically intimidate them. "Shut the fuck up," the men chant over and over again.

If there is a thesis statement for this video, it's the title: "Literally, I can't." There is an aggressively wrong idea that a woman who says no sex (or, in this case, drinking, or "girl on girl") is in someway in the wrong. This video is that idea of male entitlement on steroids. The frat house setting is an interesting if not wholly condemning choice. It's as if the message is that just by attending such a party a female abandons all her right to consent.

Everything about this should come with required reading. Recommendations include "25 Everyday Examples of Rape Culture," "Why Do We Blame Victims?" and "How to Not Be Terrible" (a piece that is not yet published, because it is being written in real tears that were cried over the song and music video "Literally, I Can't").

In conclusion, this screenshot:


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