Lil Nas X Isn't Hung Up On Madonna's 'Joke' About His Onstage Make Out

The pop icon sparked backlash for comparing her kiss with Britney Spears to the singer's viral BET Awards performance.

Narrowly avoiding a feud between Madonna and Lil Nas X ― during Pride Month, no less ― feels like a win for us all.

But the Queen of Pop had us worried for a bit after she sparked backlash for unnecessarily inserting herself into the singer’s big night at the BET Awards.

Over the weekend, Lil Nas X shared a passionate lip-lock with one of his backup dancers during an unabashedly horny performance of his smash hit “Call Me By Your Name,” causing all sorts of conversation in the process.

Perhaps while culling material for her upcoming biopic, Madonna felt compelled to dig into her own personal archives to remind everyone that she too pissed people off with a much-discussed kiss.

After the award show, the pop icon shared a photo comparison of her spit swap with Britney Spears at the 2003 VMAs (no, we didn’t forget that Christina Aguilera was there, too) and Lil Nas X’s onstage make out.

Captioning the side-by-side photos on an Instagram Story, Madonna wrote, “#DidItFirst,“ leading some to believe that she was knocking the singer for cribbing her work.

Fans quickly turned against the Material Girl for centering herself in a moment of Black queer expression, questioning why she needed to weigh in on the groundbreaking moment in the first place.

“Not Madonna thinking she did something with this comment,” one person wrote, “You had your moment let a queer black man have his moment!!!”

“The woman who quite literally stole/whitewashed an big element of Black queer culture, made a ton of money off of it with Vogue and has been heavily criticized for it, is flexing on a 22 year emerging Black queer artist to be recognized for a same sex kiss when she is STRAIGHT?!” another person added.

Others, meanwhile, took issue with Madonna dragging Spears into the mess, especially in light of her silence on the “Glory” singer’s heartbreaking conservatorship testimony last week.

And while Madonna’s bizarre Instagram activity will surely continue to confound all of this, at least Lil Nas X doesn’t seem pressed in the slightest.

The 22-year-old singer clarified on Twitter Wednesday that there are no hard feelings, writing, “me and madonna are friends. it’s just a joke.”

The two do indeed share a bit of history with Lil Nas X attending the Los Angeles stop of her Madame X tour back in 2019.

In a video taken from the concert, Madonna sat down with the singer to impart some elder pop star wisdom. After singing a few bars of his hit song “Old Town Road,” she then naturally invited Lil Nas X to her upstate horse farm to teach him “how to ride.”

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