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Lil Wayne Wears Man Purse To Basketball Game (PHOTOS)

Look: Lil Wayne wore a man purse.

It's not just any man purse, of course. It's a mini Louis Vuitton man purse, or "murse," if you will, and Weezy carried the bag while watching Game Three of the 2011 WNBA Finals last week.

We shouldn't be too surprised, considering his tendency towards (typically) women's styles like his skinny jeans at this year's MTV Video Music Awards.

Perhaps Lil Wayne could've tipped fellow rapper Kanye West off about his newest fashion find. West was seen yesterday bopping around downtown New York with the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters wearing a $355 Givenchy Tee, Balmain jeans and tons of gold jewelry.

The only thing Kanye was missing, of course, was a murse.