Lil Wayne & Romney: Rapper, DJ Drama Mock 'Mitt Romney' On 'Cashed Out' (AUDIO) (UPDATED)

Add Lil Wayne to the list of rappers unimpressed with Mitt Romney's personal finance decisions. Weezy took a quick shot at the GOP presidential hopeful on "Cashed Out," a song off the rapper's maligned mixtape, Dedication 4.

"Cashed Out" is a cover of "Cashing Out," by a track by southern rapper Ca$h Out. If that seems redundant, it is -- Wayne's Dedication mixtape series features the Young Money Cash Monday Billionaires label boss doing his best to outdo other performers on their own beats. (Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.)

Wayne's version starts with the following intro (voiced by DJ Drama): "As another election year upon us. This last four years has been good to me. A couple of dollars in a couple different bank acccounts. Some here, some off shore. N---a call me Mitt Dram-Ney!"

The Philadelphia-born DJ Drama has been known to use presidents' names before (he also goes by Barack O'Drama).

Elsewhere in politics and hip-hop: Nicki Minaj appeared to endorse Romney, and President Obama himself set the record straight. Kanye West also took a shot at Romney, claiming that the candidate "don't pay no tax" on a song off Cruel Summer. One imagines a slightly higher-level conversation took place at Jay-Z's 40/40 club, where the president attended a fundraiser hosted by Jay and Beyonce, hip-hop's royal couple. In the other corner, Lupe Fiasco said he wasn't going to vote, and went on to say that Obama only really needed "white people" to vote for him anyway.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article did not include mention of DJ Drama and erroneously identified the end of the lyric as "Mitch Romney."

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