Lil Wayne Sues Quincy Jones' Son, Quincy Jones III, For Unauthorized Music

In spite of being hit with various lawsuits throughout his career, Lil Wayne is taking legal action of his own.

According to TMZ, Weezy recently filed a lawsuit against Quincy Jones III for using unlicensed music from the rapper’s multi-platinum album, “The Carter 3,” in support of the docu-flick, “The Carter.” Sources tell the site that the New Orleans star was unhappy with the final version of the film, describing it as a "scandalous portrayal."

The rapper’s lawsuit against Jones and his production company, QD3 Entertainment, is the latest in a string of legal proceedings stemming from the doc’s 2009 release. During the same year, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge denied Wayne’s request to block the film’s distribution.

Wayne opened up on the documentary’s revealing footage and his frustration over not having the final approval during a 2010 interview with Ozone magazine.

"The fact that we didn't want it released was business; paperwork. I feel like, if I agreed to have that camera around me, then I can't tell that person what to edit when they go to the editing room, unless I am in the editing room and editing with them," he explains. "If I'm not then I shouldn't complain, but I was supposed to have a say-so because I had to approve it. And that was the whole [problem]. I didn't approve it and they still put it out...There were females on there with me and sh*t, you know? Why give them some shine when I've got baby mothers? I believe as an editor or whatever, as a person associated with me, if you want to become a real business partner with me I believe you should consider things like that. I shouldn't have to be the one to consider it."

In the lawsuit, Lil Wayne seeks unspecified damages, in addition to preventing QD3 Entertainment from using his music in future projects.