Lili Reinhart Says She Found Out She Has Alopecia Amid A ‘Depressive Episode’

The “Riverdale” star shared that she had the condition on TikTok.

Lili Reinhart is opening up about a condition that can majorly impact one’s self-esteem.

The “Riverdale” alum — who in the past has been refreshingly honest about her experience with depression and anxietyposted a TikTok on Tuesday in which she revealed some personal news.

“Was just diagnosed with alopecia in the midst of a major depressive episode,” reads overlapping text on Reinhart’s video.

Alopecia refers to hair loss, and in her TikTok, the “Hustlers” actor can be seen sitting under a red light therapy lamp, which has been found to stimulate hair growth.

In the video, Reinhart lip syncs to audio of actor Jeremy Strong saying, “I’m pushed beyond the limits of what a person should be pushed to endure.”

In the original audio clip, Strong — whose comments about acting have repeatedly become memes — had been discussing his character from HBO’s “Succession.”

Reinhart also added the caption, “Red light therapy is my new best friend. #alopecia #mentalhealth.”

Lili Reinhart attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Netflix's "Look Both Ways" in 2022.
Lili Reinhart attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Netflix's "Look Both Ways" in 2022.
Emma McIntyre via Getty Images

The actor didn’t specify what kind of alopecia she has. There are generally three types — alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis and alopecia areata — that refer to varying degrees of hair loss on the scalp or body.

Jada Pinkett Smith has alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disease that creates patches of baldness. The “Matrix” actor has been open about her struggles with hair loss for years.

In 2018, Pinkett Smith revealed she had the condition on her Facebook Live show “Red Table Talk,” saying it was “terrifying” when she started losing “handfuls of hair” in the shower.

“It was one of those times in my life where I was literally shaking with fear,” she said at the time.

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