Lili Taylor Laments The Way Mature Women Are Treated In Hollywood

"Unfortunately a woman, right when she's really at her prime, she becomes invisible."

Mature actresses are seriously under-appreciated in Hollywood, Lili Taylor told HuffPost Live on Tuesday. 

The 48-year-old actress, who stars in Season 2 of ABC's "American Crime," weighed in on the prevailing biases against older women in the film industry. While chatting with host Alex Miranda, Taylor lamented society's warped beauty standards that prize youth over over all else.

"Our ideas of beauty are so messed up. Unfortunately a woman, right when she's really at her prime, she becomes invisible. So it's sort of a shame," Taylor said.

While former "Sex and the City" star Kim Cattrall previously told HuffPost Live that she found herself relegated to underdeveloped side characters as she got older, Taylor said she has been lucky to still find substantial roles after reaching her 40s.

"Because I'm more of a character actor … I'll be working until I'm 90 because there's always going to be something for me, but it's [still] a problem," she said. "But It's a problem for women of any age. They're just totally underrepresented across the board from all ages. So yeah, it gets probably worse after 40, but we have to work on every age."  

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