Lilith - the dark moon goddess in astrology

Lilith - the dark moon goddess in astrology
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There are different descriptions and images about Lilith, the dark moon goddess. Her energy is difficult to integrate and is associated with an idiosyncratic, uncontrollable, feminine vitality.

This fact fascinates me and has led me to swing again my paint brush; because I feel this force in me and look forward to give it a creative expression. Here is my first Lilith.

The antagonist, predecessor or like-minded creature of Lilith is Ishtar. It is an ancient goddess of fertility, love, war and sexuality. One of the few remained reliefs originates from Mesopotamia from the period 3500 v. Chr. Her accompanying symbols are two lions and the eight-pointed star. In Babylonia she was considered as the divine personification of Venus. This ancient relief is now exhibited in the Louvre.

There is a widespread cult relief which is attributed to Ishtar, her sister Ereshkigal or Lilith. This relief derives from Sumer (now southern Iran), 1850 v. Chr. It is exhibited in the British Museum.

In Talmud Lilith is described as a female demon. She was Adam’s first wife, coupled with Archangel Samuel and left the Garden of Eden after she had chosen not to serve Adam. In mythology, she enjoyed her sexual pleasures, took the men she wanted, killed children and did not perform what was expected from her.

This underworld deity also like Isthar seems to use a ring symbol, further she is accompanied of two lions and two owls. She is shown with wings and bird feet. Her head is adorned with horns and a crescent moon. Her body is shown naked; parts of the reliefs were painted with red color.

The sign or Rod holding Lilith in her hands is defined as a measuring tool of an architect or builder. One could also interpret a crescent moon, snail, string or a snake.

The two lions represent courage and strength. It seems that Lilith has tamed the big cats, because with her bird feet she stands on them. The feet could represent those of an eagle or vulture.

The black moon goddess is flanked on the left and right side by an owl. This power animal is from time immemorial a symbol of prudence and wisdom. The owl is provided with excellent hearing and so it also hunts prey in the dark.

In astrology Lilith generally refers to a sensitive point which marks the lunar apogee. This is the focal point of the ellipse of the moon’s orbit, which marks the most distanced point of the moon from the earth.

Depending on which house and sign Lilith is in your horoscope, she asks you to look at this topic from a perspective that could provide exactly the opposite of what you expect. At the same time Lilith is also an indication of your hidden unconscious pleasure principle and your creativeness. Where is your locked your creativeness and your lust potential?

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I look forward hearing from you and wish you a wonderful day to your living place!

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