Lilly Singh Gave Nick Jonas A 'Rough' Turmeric Scrub At His Wedding

Priyanka Chopra said "destroy him," and Singh told James Corden she obliged.

Future brides and grooms have now been warned: Invite Lilly Singh to perform the pre-wedding turmeric scrub ritual known as Haldi at your own risk.

Singh, host of “A Little Late,” told James Corden on “The Late Late Show” Thursday that she got up close and aggressively personal with singer Nick Jonas at his December wedding to actor Priyanka Chopra in India.

Singh, who met Jonas and Chopra separately through projects, was invited to do the skin-revitalizing rub on Jonas. She said she asked Chopra if she could “go to town on this,” and the bride told her to “destroy him.”

“So I ripped his shirt open, put my hand all the way down, definitely ripped out some of his nipple hair like for sure, and I went to town with the turmeric,” Singh recalled. “And you can see it all over his face. He’s having a great time.”

Corden showed the photographic evidence, and noted that at least the bride and Nick’s brother Kevin Jonas certainly had fun. As for the groom, you be the judge from the clip above.