Lilly Singh Takes On Dark Side Of Skin-Lightening Creams

The host of "A Little Late" ripped so-called "fairness creams" in a bit about makeup.

So-called “fairness creams” are getting under Lilly Singh’s skin.

The “A Little Late” host on Tuesday issued a funny takedown of beauty products that whiten the complexion.

The comedian explained that they’re “super popular” in India, endorsed by celebrities there, and won’t go away. She said she has a “huge issue” with them because they perpetuate the false idea that lighter skin is preferable. Skin-lightening products also may contain dangerous chemicals, leading to serious health effects, and ingredients that are banned in certain countries.

Singh showed a commercial for a product called “Fair & Lovely” as an example. In the ad, a woman relegated to a lesser part in a dance performance still grabs the spotlight after she uses the product.

“This has to be the only ad that suggests being whiter will make you a better dancer,” Singh cracked.

The late night talk newcomer stood defiant against the cosmetics.

“I didn’t get this show by being fair and lovely, so I’ll stick with dark and in charge, if you know what I mean.”

You can fast forward to the “fairness creams” bit at 3:10 or watch the whole routine above.

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